macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon Mac Compatibility

By CyFIR   

macOS Big Sur (macOS 11.0) Compatibility

Apple recently announced that macOS Big Sur (macOS 11.0) will be available for download beginning November 12, 2020. macOS Big Sur features several architectural and security-related changes that require cybersecurity software companies of all types to modify the way in which their software accesses components of the operating system. At this time, CyFIR continues to develop our software compatibility with macOS 11, which we are on track to complete by January 2021.

Until such time, please do not upgrade CyFIR-enabled Mac computers to macOS Big Sur. Current and previous versions of CyFIR will not function correctly until we have completed work on CyFIR Agent compatibility. If you must install macOS Big Sur on a CyFIR-enabled Mac, please uninstall the CyFIR Agent before upgrading the operating system. Similarly, if you purchase a new Mac with macOS Big Sur preinstalled, please do not install a CyFIR Agent on that system until your organization has upgraded to a compatible version in the near future.

Apple Silicon Mac Compatibility

Also on November 12, 2020, Apple announced immediate availability of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini units with an Apple M1 processor configuration. Concurrently with our macOS Big Sur development, we have been working on compatibility with new and future Apple Silicon Macs. We anticipate that the upcoming macOS Big Sur compatibility release will also include support for the Apple Silicon Mac product line, and we will advise customers appropriately at that time.

Should you have any questions about the macOS Big Sur or Apple Silicon Mac compatibility, please feel free to reach out to for assistance.